Customer confidence is of vital importance to Simpsons Butchers and our commitment to safety, quality and accountability ensures total satisfaction for all of our valued customers.

Simpsons Butchers beef, pork and lamb are provided by A Wright and Sons, a meat wholesaler and abattoir with over 100 years experience sourcing only the very best quality products from local farms and providing us with Lincolnshire Farm Assured produce with full traceability.

Poultry and in particular chicken has become so popular over the last 15 years due to its health benefits and versatility. Due to the volume we sell here at Simpsons Butchers, we use several suppliers to guarantee the best quality at all times. Our main supplier is Banham Poultry based in Norfolk. As their tag line suggests, they are ‘the company that cares’ supplying the finest quality Red Tractor standard of poultry.

We also use Vriesekoop for our special offer black tubs of 2.5kg and 5kg chicken breasts. Based in Holland, they are the largest exporter of chicken breasts to the UK and Ireland and their product is completely unrivalled.

For our Christmas and all year round turkey products we use A. P. Burlton of Hertfordshire, a small family business who really care about quality and welfare. They supply all of Simpsons Butchers stores and online shop with whole turkeys, white free range turkeys, black and bronze free range turkeys, white farm reared turkeys, turkey butterflies, turkey saddles and much more.

All of our pies, pastries and innovation products are prepared in our fully approved EC licensed premises for cooked and raw meats at Heckington and Sleaford reaching the high standards of quality and safety required to enable us to provide schools, public sector businesses and organisations.

Dry Aged Mature Beef
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